Twenty Things I Want to Tell My Sons
Chapter 5


Be a Blessing

I will multiply your descendants as the stars of heaven, and will give your descendants all these lands; and by your descendants all the nations of the earth shall be blessed;

Genesis 26:4

One last question that most of us ask ourselves is “What does God want me to be?” God wants us to be a blessing. It is His plan to use us to bless those around us. Whether we are a blessing materially, monetarily, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, etc. – God wants us to be a blessing to everyone around us. As an example, Psalm 133 talks about brothers being a blessing when they get along. When brothers do not get along, the opposite is true – they are a curse to everyone around them rather than a blessing. Psalm 37:26 talks about being gracious and lending and being a blessing that way. Again, the opposite is true – to be stingy and selfish is to be a curse. Proverbs 11:11 states that a city can be blessed by a righteous man who lives in it, but it is cursed by a wicked resident, showing our ability to be a blessing on a city-wide scale.  Jesus went so far as to command us to be a blessing to those who curse us and are our enemies (Luke 6:28). Never repay evil with evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:20-21).

By doing good works, we are a blessing. By encouraging others to follow God we are a blessing. By teaching others God's word we are a blessing. By being a godly father and husband we are a blessing to our children and our wife. By doing anything good we are being a blessing. And by walking with God while we are here on earth, we are being a blessing now and our life will prove to be a blessing to others even after we are gone. Some men's lives have proven to be a blessing to the world even to the present day (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Gutenberg, Salk, Pasteur, the apostle Paul, etc.). Jesus' life proved to be the ultimate life of blessing to the world, for by Him and through Him all men now have access to God and can walk with God and be His friend.

By making godly choices our life will prove to be a blessing. Even in the smallest of things. Always look for opportunities to be a blessing to the people around you. As Jesus faced the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane and chose to be a blessing to the world, so must we. Choose to be a blessing. To your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients and even strangers, regardless of how they treat you. In all things be a blessing. Because God wants you to be a blessing. It is His purpose for your life. It is why He called you and saved you.


"Choose you this day whom you will serve.....but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Joshua 24:15